Contrary to the official Instagram feed, it’s not all sneaker drops and new collections in the HS office. Quite a bit of printed matter comes through our doors; not all of it involves naked women either (although admittedly, a lot of it does).

Some of the selections are paper imprints from our favorite brands or agencies, others are indie publications that have piqued our interest. All feature distinctive storytelling, even if it isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes we’re drawn to a particularly ardent piece of prose, other times it’s arresting photography or an unusual layout that makes us revisit an already-read page. Sometimes it’s a combination of all three.

Since there’s such a wide variety of niche books, magazines and various other publications, every week we share a few of the volumes that have found a permanent home on our office shelves or in the living spaces of our writers and editors. Peep this week’s section below.

Sporty & Rich Magazine Issue 1

After founding Sporty & Rich, her line of pared-down luxury sportswear last year, Emily Oberg, an editorial producer at Complex and a perennial fan favorite of the streetwear set, dropped the debut issue of Sporty & Rich magazine in May. The magazine features pictures from famed photographer Chi Modu, as well as pieces on subjects that span the style spectrum, from art and architecture to sneakers and streetwear, all complemented by Oberg’s signature emphasis on quality and healthy living.

Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?

Written and illustrated by Marilyn Rondón, an artist and author from Miami Beach, Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos? is a children’s book with a grownup message. Rondón, who prides herself on her work in health and human sexuality, sets out to answer the questions posed by children to their tattooed parents. Bright colors and vivid illustrations are perfectly suited for grabbing the attention of a younger audience, and not letting it go until the very last page.

Umbrella Magazine Issue 14

Umbrella magazine, the meticulously curated periodical based in Britain and published three times a year, is back with its first issue of 2016. This season’s articles cover a variety of topics that run the gamut from the art of urban exploration to the benefits of buying bespoke. The magazine also describes in detail both the nuances of brutalist East London architecture and the delights of a local specialist sailing shop, with a striking sense of aplomb and a certain inimitable quirkiness befitting its British heritage.

#NSFW: Totally Naughty Coloring Book

Any adults nostalgic for halcyon days of playtimes past can find familiar comfort in the pages of illustrator Alex Kotkin’s coloring book. The volume is edited by erotic tastemaker Elle Chase of Lady Cheeky, routinely named one of the top porn sites for women every year. Kotkin’s coloring book incorporates all the visual flourishes distinctive to the genre, including highly detailed line art and black and white imagery, all updated for a slightly more, ahem, mature aesthetic.

The Collective Quarterly Issue 4


The Collective Quarterly thrives on vivid stories, and its latest issue is no exception. This time, Pisgah National Forest and the increasingly tourist-frequented town of Asheville, North Carolina drive the plot. Lush wilderness editorials and portraits of the town’s stoic residents accompany thoughtfully penned accounts of the lives of the moonshiners, environmentalists, teetotalers and industrialists who call the historical lands home.

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