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Australian skincare label Aesop is fastidious about purpose-driven design. In fact, the company takes it so seriously that it’s adopted four cornerstones that inform every new retail space, and in the process, assure Aesop’s success. In addition to having established internal rules for creating timeless brick-and-mortar outposts, Aesop has also called on a list of esteemed architecture and design studios including Snøhetta, whom we’ve covered before.

The skincare-centric company has made innovative design such a part of its brand DNA that it’s even launched a website called “Taxonomy of Design“, where you can learn about the building secrets behind each storefront. Recently, Aesop took it a step further and shared its four major of its secrets to success with Fast Company Design.

You can find them below:

1. Respect what designers bring to the table.

2. Speak to the local character and community.

3. Design for fluidity and change.

4. Reject sameness.

Head over to Fast Company to learn the details behind each rule and scroll through the gallery above to see some of Aesop’s best work.


Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland