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Skincare label Aēsop is venturing into the world of physical design and has introduced its first object: a solid brass oil burner.

The brass oil burner was created with industrial designer and longtime Aēsop collaborator Studio Henry Wilson. Inspiration was pulled from asymmetry, the “imperfect beauty of poured molten brass,” and the ritual surrounding candle lighting.

Alongside the burner, the skincare brand introduces a new oil burner blend, béatric, which is described as “a woody, citrus scent featuring notes of Patchouli and Cedar Atlas.” It is the fourth blend in a range that already includes Catherine (orange rind, cedarwood atlas, clove), Anouk (lemon rind, ylang ylang, bergamot rind), and Isabelle (spearmint, sage, rosemary).

The company describes the piece as the first item in the Aēsop Home range, which hints that other interior treats will be on the way soon.

The brass oil burner is priced at $170, and béatrice oil burner blend is $39.

Do you want to see more Aēsop Home products? Let us know in the comments.

In other interior design news, there’s a Virgil Abloh x IKEA pop-up shop happening this week. 

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