As part of our ongoing series showcasing affordable versions of high-end fashion items, we bring you a selection of comfy sweatpants that won't break the bank.

While fashionistas the world over ogle at street style galleries showcasing the industry's illuminati flexing in impeccable outfits, it can get a bit demoralizing seeing your favorite influencers dressed in beautiful but exorbitantly expensive gear. With that in mind, we are introducing a new feature where we hook our fellow Snobs up with tips on where to find razor-sharp yet affordable merchandise.

The sportswear revolution that gripped the fashion world this year shows no sign of letting up - now that people feel that fashion doesn't have to come at the expense of comfort, the need for clumsy, impractical clothing seems less and less relevant. One garment in particular has swept through the upper echelons of the industry like no other - the sweatpant. Once confined to the unemployed and the hungover, the humble sportswear staple has been seen in collections by everyone Alexander Wang and Rick Owens to nouveau streetwear brands KITH and Publish, whose expertly crafted pieces are a million miles from the clumsy, boxy mess that is the typical sweatpant.

While so many of the readily available sweatpants out there resemble the sort of thing worn by someone who has spent the last five years in their parents' basement, we've trawled the depths of e-commerce to round up some of the best fitting, stylish and above all affordable sweatpants out there.

Topman - Drop Crotch Joggers - $50

Coming through with a razor sharp combination of loose drop crotch fit and biker-style front paneling, Topman add some avant-garde flair to the humble sweatpant - perfect for those who would like to channel the spirit of Rick Owens or Saint Laurent into their cozy ensemble. Get them here.

Feathers - Sweatpants - $59

Crafted from an unusual poly/spandex blend and sporting zippered pockets and ankle cuffs, Feathers add some technical credentials to the sweatpant while simultaneously solving the age-old problem of phones, keys and wallets falling from the jogger's typically clumsy pockets. Cop them here.

H&M - Double Layered Sweatpants - $34.95

Originally pioneered by runners who loved compression tights but wanted to keep their groins hidden from plain view, we've seen the shorts and sweatpant look appearing everywhere from KITH lookbooks to luxe runway shows. H&M have you covered with this black on black combo.

Uniqlo - Men's Sweatpants - $29.90

100% cotton sweatpants with ribbed cuff, drawstring waist and a great fit make this business as usual for Uniqlo - the combination of great fits, classic style and wallet-friendly price tags make this something for everyone. Get 'em here.

adidas Originals - Superstar Track Pant - $60

While they might not sport the same cuffed ankles and jersey fabrication as the classic sweatpant, adidas Originals' Superstar pants are nonetheless a timeless piece of sportswear history - you can't beat those three stripes running down the leg, especially if you match them with some adi sneakers too. The zippered pockets are handy, too. Get yours here.

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