Continuing our search of the web’s most affordable goods, we present five classic watches costing well under $200 each.

With the holiday season well underway, our Affordable Alternatives series turns toward something a little more seasonally appropriate, lining up a set of watches with timeless appeal that will make for a great gift, whether you’re giving or receiving. While no one is impervious to the fickle winds of fashion, a watch is one of the pieces in your wardrobe that it’s best to stick to the classics – a chronograph, military or plain-faced style with an appropriate strap will last you for years, as well as work into pretty much any outfit you can think of.

While we all would love a classic timepiece from Rolex or Cartier, not everyone can afford to drop a year’s rent for something that your phone can do anyway, so we’ve rounded up a selection of classic timepieces that will serve you well, all priced on the better side of $200.

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Timex x J.Crew Andros Steel Watch – $175

Timex and J. Crew are both menswear stalwarts, so it’s hardly surprising that their ongoing collaborative timepieces ooze classic style, as a Rolex-style large bezeled steel case is paired with an easy-to-wear NATO-style canvas strap. Get yours now from MR PORTER.

Skagen Havene Steel Watch – $185

While gold watches may be hard to pull off for some – too much and you’ll look like a Columbian drug lord – when paired with a clean, fuss-free design, they ooze more class than their conservative silver counterparts. Trust the Scandinavians to keep things low-key with some super clean design, as Danish brand Skagen present a pared-back piece. Cop it straight from the brand here.

Komono Magnus – $100

If metal and nylon straps aren’t your vibe, then European label Komono’s Magnus design sports a leather strap and a clean metallic case for a classic aesthetic, brought up to date thanks to the neatly offset crown. Available now from Need Supply.

MWC G10BH Military Watch with NATO Strap – $135

Military Watch Company make, you guessed it, military watches, and their OG infantry designs have been used by everyone from armed forces to the police, thanks to their no-fuss design and sturdy casings. The G10BH watch is a no-nonsense timepiece that will survive anything you can throw at it – style it out with a tricolor NATO-style strap. Cop yours now from END.

Swatch Blackie – $185

Swiss timepiece OGs Swatch have been making watches in Switzerland since 1983 and their Blackie model sports Quartz movements with chronograph and date functions, ideal for those who like something a little more sophisticated on their wrist. Get one straight from the source here.

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Words by Alec Leach
Freelance Writer/Editor/Consultant

Alec Leach grew up in Brighton, England, but now lives in Berlin