3D visual artist Ziye Liu unveils a four minute short film Themes & Variations, which is based on four contemporary artworks — Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s "Untitled" and "Grapes,” and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s "Polka Dots" and "Narcissus Garden.”

As part of his thesis project at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), the 3D-generated film explores the relationship between the art and the space that it is placed in, as well as the relationship between reality and imagination.

"The patterns and shapes were generated in 3D software, as the fundamental elements of each artwork, because they could be transformed in many different ways," Ziye said when asked what inspired the transformations. "And this close resemblance between the actual, physical artwork and the 3D rendered one becomes even more fascinating when it's in motion. Each simple shape - a circle, a sphere, a hexagon or an octagon - grows and evolves into different variations as the film moves on."

Using visual effects such as texturing, lighting, rendering and digital compositing to produce the animated artworks, Liu describes that "contemporary art such as conceptual art, kinetic sculpture and installation art all have a resemblance to the visual characteristics of computer generated imagery."

He further added, "The style of much contemporary artwork is very similar to the style of visual effects technique. The difference is that most of the artwork is static and restricted in motion, while visual effects provides infinite possibilities and will bring these artworks to a new level."

Truly a mesmerizing interpretation that gives new possibilities to contemporary artworks, you can view more of Ziye Liu’s work here.

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