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Alexander Mack

Before you even listen to Alexander Mack, you’ll likely be intrigued by the artwork for his songs. For his latest single “Small Time,” the Virginia artist reimagines himself as Schroeder, the dreamy piano player from Charles M. Schulz’ classic Peanuts comics. Today, we’re exclusively premiering the self-produced track and there’s no doubt in our minds that it’s exactly what you need to power through the end of this week. Mack fully elaborated on the intent behind the restorative anthem in an email to Highsnobiety.

“So often, people let the opinions of others take the wheel and control their life,” he said. “This song is about pushing through and not stopping at the limitations that people or surroundings set for you. As young adults we all eventually have to decide if we’re going to chase our dreams full force, or follow the path that people tell us is normal. Growing up in a small town in Virginia, people didn’t see music as something “real” that could happen. In college, I had professors and others try to sway me from chasing this. However, through all the comments, disappointments, wins, and losses, I’ve kept my head down, focused on what I believe in, and I always will.”

Let the keys take control as you stream the soulful song below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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