AllRightsReserved's Verdy exhibition, MEET VERDY GALLERY, opens tomorrow in Hong Kong. The exhibition is part of the Hong Kong-based creative studio's new collaborative initiative, MEET___PROJECT, showcasing creations by artists from all disciplines, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video art, animation, and text.

Verdy, the Japanese designer and street artist well known for “Girls Don’t Cry” and “Wasted Youth”, is the first collaborative partner for MEET___PROJECT. The exhibition will run from November 15 to November 21. The installation features a seven-foot tall 3D sculpture of his original character, Vick, alongside new wood cut paintings.

MEET VERDY GALLERY accounts for the first time that Verdy has curated a Vick-themed exhibition. Verdy was inspired to create Vick, a rabbit/panda hybrid, while working on a pop art penguin for Mac Miller. The rabbit and panda were chosen by Verdy because they represent longevity and positivity.

Limited edition merchandise will be available during the MEET VERDY GALLERY exhibition. Items include the Vick "GDC" Lamp ($1,080), Vick “GDC” Mug ($38), Vick “GDC” Ceramic Plate ($38), Vick “GDC” Tote Bag ($40), Vick “GDC” Bandana ($20), and Vick “GDC” Stickers, Badges and Keychain Set ($35). Click through the gallery bellow for a closer look.

MEET VERDY GALLERY G/F, 19 Old Bailey St. Central, Hong Kong

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