Amazon is looking to get one step closer to world domination by creating a home robot. According to Bloomberg, the "secret project" is referred to as “Vesta,” named after the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family.

Gregg Zehr, leader of Amazon's Lab126 hardware research and development division, is in charge of the overtaking, as Lab126 is responsible for devices including the company's Echo speakers, Fire TV set-top-boxes, Fire tablets, and the Fire Phone.

As Bloomberg points out, Vesta has been in the works for some time now, but more recently, there have been dozens of listings on Lab126's jobs page. Amazon in turn hopes to have the domestic robot in the homes of its employees by the end of the year, with availability to the public beginning as early as 2019.

As it stands, however, Amazon has yet to provide any specific information surrounding Vesta, although many suspect the robot will serve as a mobile Alexa. Prototypes are said to feature advanced cameras and computer vision software, capable of maneuvering throughout your home to perform basic chores.

It is being reported by Research and Markets that the consumer robot market will be worth roughly $15 billion USD a year by 2023, and why wouldn't Amazon be at the forefront of such technology?

For more on Amazon's Vesta project, visit Bloomberg.

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