Brand: American Apparel

Collection: Shaun Ross

Key Pieces: Graphic T-shirts featuring photos of people with unique skin types.

Editor’s Notes: Following the release of their first-ever outerwear collection, American Apparel launches a new capsule with model and activist Shaun Ross. The assortment consists of four graphic T-shirts, each designed by Ross.

The limited edition tees feature photos of people with unique skin types, represented as abstract works of art, ultimately adhering to American Apparel’s core values of self-love, acceptance, and authenticity. Ross then personally selected the models used for the campaign.

“So many individuals try to place themselves in categories, when they should just shine brightly in their own goodness,” Ross says.

At the core, the collaboration aims to redefine traditional notions of beauty with a message of empowerment through representation and embracing uniqueness. You can shop the Shaun Ross x American Apparel collection today exclusively at

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