Known for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres, singer Amy Winehouse is still remembered since her untimely passing in July 2011.

A documentary of the artist released back in 2015 and before her rise to popularity, Irish photographer Charles Moriarty met with the burgeoning star back in 2003, and ended up shooting the cover for Amy's debut album, Frank.

Building a friendship that would last until Amy's death, Moriarty shared a selection of the photos taken during his time with her last year in a book, Before Frank. This year, he continues to celebrate the now-iconic artist with a new edition featuring 50 never before seen images from his pictorials with Amy.

With an exhibition of the book set for this Friday at Protein Studios in Shoreditch - London - DAZED was able to speak with Moriarty about his time and friendship with Amy, which you can view in detail here.

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