Some might argue that fashion has, and always will have, a certain deficit of attention. Part of the fashion cycle is freshness and “the next big thing.” Whether it’s increasingly child-like models or the dismissing of a trend as “dead,” the attitude seems to be that what’s shiny and new is more appealing than what’s tried-and-true.

Of course there are some who remain loyal to the idea of timelessness, designing collections that consider utility and history above what is en vogue; Andersen-Andersen belongs in this category. Since 2009, the company has dedicated itself to perfecting one thing and one thing only: the sailor sweater.

The family-run business was founded by Product Developer Catherine Lundgren-Andersen and Art Director Peter Kjaer-Andersen, both of whom shared an interest in maritime knitting traditions. Together, they aimed to perfect the age-old naval sweater; it was a product they felt represented the best of the world of knitwear. In 2010, they debuted the fledgling brand during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and, unlike the many other labels also making a debut, Andersen-Andersen introduced only one thing: the sailor sweater.

Since then, the selection has grown to include heavy duty sailor sweaters, pullovers, turtlenecks and more. What hasn’t changed, though, is the process. Early on, Andersen-Andersen found that regular yarns weren’t as resistant to wear and damage as they desired. In response, they developed their own extra-spun worsted Merino wool, in-house. To this day, most of their collection is made with this speciality wool, which is then knitted in Italy by a small, family-owned company.

Having a relationship with craft-specific, generationally-run family operations is clearly something that is of great importance to Andersen-Andersen, as they themselves technically fall into this category. Their latest lookbook--entitled “People We Know--speaks to the idea of a close-knit (excuse our pun) community.

Featured in the editorial are the smiling faces of young and old individuals who lack the standard angst-tinged scowls and cold attractiveness of models in glossy, "high-fashion" editorials. Instead, they opt for the folks who might join you in line at a coffee shop or exchange a brief smile with you as you navigate your commute.

To shop the latest offerings visit Andersen-Andersen online.

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