When André 3000 was spotted playing the flute last month at the Los Angeles International Airport, it seemed like an incredible but isolated incident. What better way for a wildly talented and idiosyncratic musician to kill time while waiting for a plane? And for us, citizens of the hellscape that is 2019, what more wholesome #content could we ask for?

Turns out, it was only just the beginning, as Three Stacks has taken his skills as a flutist across the country for one unsuspecting audience after another. He was spotted twice more in Los Angeles before setting off to Philadelphia for numerous such encounters.

Here he is with a group of Muslim advocates:

...on the streets of Philly:

...and in a craft store:

Then he took his merry tour back to Los Angeles:

...Before blessing up New York City:

For those counting, that's Three Stacks, three cities, one double flute, and (at least) a dozen sightings. Where will we see him next? Will he ever give it up? Don't fret yourself with such questions, and just enjoy this series of fortunate events from one of our most beloved and reclusive entertainers. It gets no better than this.

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