Following an initial look last month, HBO has now unleashed the first full-length trailer for its upcoming documentary on pro wrestler/actor, André the Giant.

Pegged as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" in some circles, André the Giant was widely known for his ongoing feud with fellow wrestler Hulk Hogan, which culminated at WrestleMania III. Upon entering the ring, André weighed in at a massive 520 pounds, all while standing seven feet, four inches tall. Hogan, however, defeated the Frenchman, much to the surprise of wrestling fans all across the globe.

André the Giant in turn takes a deeper look into the life of the wrestler/actor, including darker encounters such as his struggle with alcohol.

"The reality of who he was, was getting more intense on him," actor Billy Crystal noted. "He knew he wasn't going to live long."

André eventually went on to pass away in 1993 due to congestive heart failure.

André the Giant, the documentary, is set to premiere on HBO April 10.

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