BPS22 / Andrei Molodkin & Erik Bulativ "Black Horizon"
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BPS22 / Andrei Molodkin & Erik Bulativ "Black Horizon"
BPS22 / Andrei Molodkin & Erik Bulativ "Black Horizon"

Real human blood is pumping through the sculptures on display at Russian artist Andrei Molodkin’s new exhibition “Black Horizon” at BPS22 in Charleroi, Belgium.

The former Supreme collaborator — he made that insane sample tee that cost more than a car — is known for using blood in his work, and in this show, it runs through large-scale sculptures that read “THE WALLS TURN RED,” “BURN THE TEMPLE FUCK THE JUDGE,” and “COP SHOT JUST FOR KICKS.”

Belgium has strict laws when it comes to blood donation. In the past, Molodkin would get visitors to donate blood at the exhibition, but, according to BPS22, if that happened in Belgium, the museum director could be convicted as an organ trafficker. To get around the restrictions, Molodkin brought in a nurse from abroad to conduct a one-time performance piece wherein artists and members of staff gave blood.

“Black Horizon” has been put together in partnership with Molodkin’s fellow Russian artist Erik Bulatov. Together, the artists explore issues of censorship, youth culture, and propaganda. The exhibition is on now and runs until May 19. Browse images of the show above and head to BPS22 to find out more.

Boulevard Solvay 22
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