Even though attitudes around drinking culture shifted massively in 2019, the holiday season has arrived which means all that non-stop celebrating will lead many of us to go over-the-top by overindulging and transforming into wild party animals. But what happens to everyone when the parties are all over? You already know—activating full recovery mode. In order to prepare for the worst of what's inevitably to come, we consulted Justin and Ray Kim, co-founders of The Plug, to inform everyone about how to beat their impending hangovers.

Even though the Kim brothers were raised within Calabasas, California, they grew up being exposed to Korea's highly saturated anti-hangover industry where nearly every convenience store has been fully stocked with essential remedies since the early '90s. Their mission to become the entrepreneurs that bridged the gap in the U.S. market with an effective hangover solution became clear once they joined the work force post-college and realized that they were struggling to find a balance between "going hard" and staying productive while on the job. The Plug is an all-natural herbal beverage consisting of 13 plants and flowers that work in tandem to revitalize the body without sugar, chemicals, or caffeine.

"We want to become synonymous with the word hangover," Ray explains over the phone. "When you think of energy drink, you think of Red Bull. When you think of hangovers, you want to think of The Plug. We're going to really make a push for that to the point where we want to make it part of your lifestyle."

Find out how to avoid your next debilitating hangover with this five star recovery process from the Kim brothers. (Obviously, the first step is throwing a bottle of their tasty herbal elixir down the hatch as opposed to depending on Pedialyte, Gatorade, or Emergen-C to revive your tainted soul.) Scroll down for the full breakdown of their sophisticated routine.

Beware of the mixed drinks

"If we are going out and drinking we try to stay away from mixed drinks. We'll try to keep it with a club soda, but if we get a little risky then we'll we'll put in a little OJ, cranberry juice, or Red Bull."

Snooze for a solid six hours

"If you get at least six hours of sleep, then you're golden. Most of the times it's less than that, but I would say in general for us it would be getting at least six hours of sleep in, drinking The Plug and then doing the sauna..."

Blow off steam in a sauna

"After we go out we drink The Plug, wake up feeling great, and to enhance that a little bit more we'll do the sauna. That routine includes a hot tub, a steam sauna, a clay room sauna, and then the mud room sauna."

Cool down in an ice bath

"We take an ice bath and then we top it off with an ice room. So in that process, it depends on how quickly you want to do it, but it's like 30 minutes to 45 minutes and then you come out feeling like a new person."

If interested in trying out a case for yourself, proceed here. The Plug will be available on Amazon starting on January 1, 2020.

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