A.P.C. is launching a recycling program in the US today that allows customers to trade in any old A.P.C. pieces for store credit. Announcing the initiative, A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou shared:

"Something made a lasting impression on me when I was a kid in Tunis. Amongst the continuous ballet of street vendors, who walked down the road pushing ahead a kind of huge wheelbarrow two of them weren’t selling anything. Instead, they were picking things up. Each of these vendors or collectors had a slogan. The one who picked up clothes would say “roba vecchia” or “vecchia” for short.

"The one who wanted old bread would say something else, I can’t remember what, even though he was the one who intrigued me most. What could these pieces of old bread be used for? It wasn’t until much later that I understood: these leftovers added “substance” to home-cooked meals. An authentic meatball has to be prepared with old bread. This idea of recycling things has always been somewhere at the back of my mind. At A.P.C., we explore this idea with quilts, Butlers and tote bags. So it was only natural to invite our customers to bring their “roba vecchia” back to A.P.C. These garments will get a second life and help people who don’t necessarily have the means to dress in good-quality clothes."

This is how the program works: Stores collect items and transfer them to a recycling facility where they are broken down into fibers and re-used. The credit amount varies with the item type and recycling credits can only be redeemed at US A.P.C. stores.

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