The release of Apple's AirPower charging mat is apparently imminent, with the packaging for the company's AirPods wireless charging case causing rumors to reach fever pitch.

The box for the AirPods wireless charging case shows the AirPower, despite the mat not being available yet. Those who received their AirPods were surprised to discover a diagram of AirPower clearly visible on the back of the box.

Last week, Twitter user @michael8bateman stumbled upon a reference to the AirPower in the code on Apple’s Australian website. A photo showed an iPhone XS and an AirPods case charging on the pad, although the image appears to have been since removed.

When the user below picked up his second-gen AirPods he didn't find a diagram of the AirPower but noted that it was mentioned on the packaging.

Apple announced the AirPower back in 2017 at the same time it introduced the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

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