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The single most annoying thing about the iMac is the fact that all the ports are installed on the rear side of the device. Anyone who’s ever tried to blindly insert their USB stick or headphones knows what we’re talking about. Satechi’s iMac Clamp Hub attempts to fix this problem by plugging into the back of your computer and giving you port options in the front.

The clamp is just a fancy adaptor that does its job really well. By plugging into one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports and clamping to the bottom of your iMac, you’re suddenly presented with not only more options, such as 3 USB ports, a Type-C port, and two card reader slots, but they are all exactly where you need them — facing the front.

Satechi’s device comes in two colors — space grey and silver — with a brushed aluminum finish that seamlessly fuses with the aesthetic of your iMac.

To buy the clamp, visit the link via the button below.

In other news, YouTube just suspended advertising on Logan Paul’s channel.

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