apple ios 13 3d touch

Apple is rolling out the iOS 13 beta, and it seems 3D Touch is being phased out as some suspected.

Given that Apple didn’t include the technology in last year’s iPhone XR, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. Additionally, many of the old technology’s key features now work on devices that didn’t originally have the capability.

Features such as Peek and Pop or Home Screen Quick Actions can now be accessed with a long press. However, 9to5Mac points out that some of the speedier and convenient aspects are no longer there, such as being able to press on an app and select a quick action without lifting your finger from the screen. Perhaps this will be updated before the official release, though.

For owners of the more “budget” models of Apple devices, it’s an improvement, as they can use features they never had before. But for those customers with 3D Touch-capable devices, it could be seen as a reduction in features.

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