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Apple reportedly plans to discontinue its current iPhone X model when the company’s new iPhones launch this fall and is canceling the iPhone SE 2, according to Forbes.

The original report on Barron’s, taken from a note by analysts at BlueFin Research Partners seen by the publication, stated that the iPhone SE would be discontinued. Forbes’ report has since been updated to state that it is the SE 2 that has been canceled, although the future of entire 4-inch line seems uncertain.

If the reports are true, the decision marks a change from Apple’s usual policy of keeping older models on the market as a cheaper alternative to new-generation versions. BlueFin’s analysts say they expect a combined 91 million units of the second-generation iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and budget iPhone X to be built for the last two calendar quarters of 2018, with a further 92 million units planned for the first two quarters of next year.

The analysts describe this as “far larger than normal cycles,” suggesting Apple is confident of demand for its new-generation phones.

For more details, visit Barron’s and Forbes.

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Words by Candice Nembhard
Staff Writer

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