apple iphone xe rumors
Getty Images / Tomohiro Ohsumi

Apple is believed to be working on a smaller, entry-level iPhone X that shrinks the smartphone’s dimensions back to a less hand-cramping size, Forbes reports.

The rumored phone is said to be dubbed the “iPhone XE,” with a price of around $600, and would fulfill a role similar to 2016’s smaller iPhone SE, which came out between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. The iPhone SE had a 4-inch screen, similar in size to earlier iPhones, whereas the “iPhone XE” screen would be 4.8 inches, closer to the non-Plus iPhone 6, 7, and 8.

News of the new phone came to PC Tablet via a source associated with Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in India.

If the report is true, the new phone should prove a nice alternative for those who want the power and bezel-less look of the X generation iPhones but don’t enjoy cramming 6 inches of phone in their pocket. According to the report, the “iPhone XE” would have a single 12MP rear camera and an A12 Bionic chip, faster than any current Android chipset.

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