Once again, our ever-sarcastic readership have let their opinions be known through a variety of biting, silly, and straight-up savage remarks. It is our happy duty to round up a selection of the very best, so that those of you not directly partaking in the banter may still enjoy all the light-hearted jokes made at the expense of others.

This week was dominated by two companies, the first being Apple. First, the tech giant killed iTunes after 18 years, which sparked somewhat of a panic about what’s going to happen to all those files you got from Limewire back in 2005. Then, they revealed the brand new, completely redesigned Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR with Retina 6K resolution. If you want the machine with top of the line specs, it’ll only set you back $35,000. Bargain.

The other company was the ever-divisive YEEZY. The brand’s unusual and mysterious scuba boots finally landed on Highsnobiety’s doorstep for us to take a closer look. Footwear of the future or rollerblade liners? You decide.

Be sure to keep your funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime, check out the aforementioned story about the new Apple Mac Pro, as well as a few more below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

Daniel’s ahead of the curve

Highsnobiety / Bryan Luna

Original Post: Take Your Closest Look Yet at the YEEZY Scuba Boots

10. “When the inside boot part of my roller blades came out when I was a kid lmao.” – Daniel Brian Keiser (Source: Facebook)

*pushes glasses up nose* Actually, hobbits don’t need boots, as their feet have tough leathery soles


Original Post: Here’s How Much the adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 “Black Reflective” Sells for Ahead of Release

9. “Looks like a hobbit boot… 🤣” – Nicole Latour (Source: Facebook)

Genius idea tbh

Backgrid / CMaidana

Original Post: Kim Kardashian Previews Kanye West’s Upcoming YZY BSKTBL “Quantum” Sneaker

8. “Bum looking like she just robbed a clothes store by wearing 15 pairs of pants all at once.” – Piers Pusinelli (Source: Facebook)

Where’s Pusha T?

Getty Images / Gregory Shamus

Original Post: Drake’s NBA Drama Is Now the Internet’s Favorite Meme

7. “Drake ditched Adonis for Kawhi.” – Matt Wasinger (Source: Facebook)

88 reasons


Original Post: LG Launches Insane 88-Inch 8K OLED TV

6. “You think I need another reason to not leave my house?” – Bryce Sparky Fisher (Source: Facebook)

You’re not wrong

Getty Images / Ian Waldie

Original Post: Apple Is Shutting Down iTunes After Nearly Two Decades

5. “Whoever’s playlist that is on the article is definitely white. 😂😂😂” – Osi Taholo (Source: Facebook)



Original Post: Apple Unveils New Mac Pro & Retina 6K Pro Display XDR

4. “Formaggio follows function?” – Makrand Patil (Source: Facebook)

That game is priceless

Getty Images / Brittany Hosea-Small

Original Post: Apple’s Highest-Spec New Mac Pro Estimated to Cost at Least $35K

3. “Sounds expensive for a computer without Minesweeper.” – Niamor Erèlav (Source: Facebook)

“Just a bunch of gibberish”

Getty Images / Craig Barritt

Original Post: JAY-Z Is the First Billionaire Rapper

2. “YoOuU fOrGoT aBoOut dReE, hE wAs tHe fIrSTttt.”


Chris Mcinnes (Source: Facebook)

What could go wrong?

Getty Images / Mark Ralston

Original Post: Robert Downey Jr. Pledges to Clean Up Earth With Robotics & AI

1. “Guess Ultron didn’t teach him anything lol.” – Andykam Lam (Source: Facebook)

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