Last week saw a leak of Powerbeats Pro headphones coming soon, and that news has now been confirmed by Apple and Beats themselves.

The new Powerbeats Pro headphones have been completely re-engineered for better sound in a smaller package – the headphones are now 23% smaller and 17% lighter. The new acoustic housing is ergonomically angled, and the redesigned earhook is adjustable.

Both left and right headphones feature identical controls and separate Bluetooth connectivity, so customers can use one or both earpieces without losing functionality. They also play and pause automatically when inserted or removed, thanks to optical sensors. A speech-detecting accelerometer combined with microphones work together to filter out external sounds, enhancing the quality of phone calls.

Fast Fuel provides 1.5 hours of playback time from a 5 minute charge, and 4.5 hours from 15 minutes charging. Each earbud has up to 9 hours of listening time, and 24 hours of combined playback with the case. The new Powerbeats Pro automatically turn on when removed from their case, and turn off and start charging when placed back inside. They also go into sleep mode when outside the case but are not in use.

Like the new AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro headphones contain the new H1 chip, which allows for greater performance, as well as hands-free Siri functionality.

The new headphones will come in four colorways: black, ivory, moss, and navy. They will be available from Apple in May for $249.95.

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