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yeonsoo kang / caseology

If you're torn between wanting to cop every new item Apple drops and feeling nostalgic for the Cupertino giant's early days in handheld tech, South Korean designer Yeonsoo Kang has developed a product that speaks to both instincts. In partnership with case maker Caseology, Kang has made a case for the Apple Watch Series 4 that transforms it into an original iPod.

The silicone Pod Case comes complete with a click wheel for some perfect early ’00s vibes. Sadly the wheel is non-functional, so you'll still need to use your watch's touchscreen to operate the device. The case also has cutouts for the Apple Watch's digital crown, side buttons, and the back, so you can still charge your watch wirelessly while it's housed in the case.

Kang told Gizmodo in an email that the case is coming "soon," but no specifics have been announced officially.

Do you pine for the OG iPod and other old-school tech? Get nostalgic in the comments.

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