The Apple Watch Series 5 was unveiled today, and alongside all the new shiny features is the option to customize your time piece more than ever. The Apple Watch Studio is essentially the tech giant's version of NikeID, allowing you to toy with nine different cases and dozens of bands, including the offerings from Nike and Hermès. That may be a daunting amount of possibilities  — see The Paradox of Choice — which is why we've decided to make things a little easier for you and put forward five recommendations. Whatever your budget is, we'll have your new Apple Watch looking as clean as possible.

Hermès Stainless Steel Case With Brique/Béton Swift Leather Double Tour

If you're going with Hermès, you're obviously trying to flex. And no option is going to shine as much as Hermès' signature shade of red leather along with the beautiful graphics. At $1,399, it's a serious chunk of change, but you can quell some guilt by telling yourself it's not even the most expensive combination (which is not even a lie).

White Ceramic Case With Meyer Lemon Leather Loop

There's a reason why this is one of the combinations Apple trotted out for the hands-on time at the Apple Event. The way the yellow leather band pops with the white ceramic case: whooooooooooo! To quote Mad Men, "It's not a timepiece; it's a conversation piece." The ceramic option jacks up the price to $1,399, but come on, it's the most outstanding case there is.

Gold Stainless Steel Case With Midnight Blue Sport Loop

Look at this like you look at your shoes and your fit: go for coordination over matching. The pink-ish hue on the gold case plays nicely off the midnight blue that leans closer to purple than anything. Anyone who looks at this will think, "Damn, that man knows his colors." Mid-range pricing ($699) with a high-end look.

Nike Silver Aluminum Case With Desert Sand/Volt Nike Sport Loop

Right here we've got the Flyknit of bands. It's functional, able to handle all the sweat from your workout. But the design still pops enough that it won't look out of place with any of your fits, including a suit. For $399, that's a damn versatile watch.

White Ceramic Case With Link Bracelet

Blow the bag alert! At $1,599, this is the priciest option you can get. But it's also the closest you can get to white on white. As Rick Ross would say, "That's f****** Ross."

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