If you remained an offline presence this weekend, then it's perhaps just as well. April Fools' Day fell on Saturday, and brands and celebrities the world over cooked up their best hoaxes and pranks, bringing a whole new meaning to "fake news."

Gigi Hadid, George Takei and Michael Phelps were just some of the big names to try and dupe their social media followings, while companies including McDonalds, Netflix and Amazon also got in on the action. Some were hilarious, some were shocking, and some were just downright unrealistic.

Below, we've rounded up the year's best shenanigans. Let us know your favorites, and any others we've missed, in the comments below.


As reported yesterday, Snapchat took down its biggest rival with its very own Instagram filter. Cheeky, with additional points for the gratuitous "mom" swipe.


Video subscription service Hulu announced a service called "Hu," featuring shows abbreviated to just eight seconds long to better match people's shortened attention spans. Sounds perfect for weekend binge sessions.


The language learning app added a course in Emoji. Redundant, considering most people under 30 are already fluent.


As ever, the tech giant released a myriad of pranks, but our favorite had to be the "Google Gnome": a creepy and inexplicably existential yard buddy.


Perhaps literally the worst thing that could happen to anyone, this prank was plain evil.


Food delivered by parkour? Seamless's new "food without limit" Delivery X service would no doubt run into some issues in the winter.

David Attenborough / BBC Three

Big Dave interviewing the likes of Skepta and Stormzy? Sorry, but this would be just plain dope.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi shocked her followers with what looked to be a drastic pixie cut, before updating with the caption "happy April foolz wends ;) :P." We think it would awesome. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

George Takei

George Takei for congress in 2018? Well, if Kanye can...

Well played, George.


One of the more elaborate pranks of the weekend, Netflix enlisted the help of Will Arnett for "Netflix Live," a pleasingly tranquil show in which the actor passes commentary on everyday objects. We've heard of worse pitches.

Michael Phelps

Not content with his paltry haul of 23 gold medals, the Baltimore Bullet announced comeback plans for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Even at 34, he'd still smoke the competition.


Given the Golden Arches penchant for Big Mac experimentation over the past few months, we could actually believe this. You'd probably be looking for something more substantial to eat when hungover, though.

Hurricane Grill & Wings

Spicy, raspberry-flavored "blue wings"? These are something you would 100% not want to eat when hungover.


Amazon introduced the "Petlexa," a feature which gives pets the freedom to place orders from Amazon. Come on. Must try harder next time, Amazon.


With talk of autonomous cars all the rage, Lexus's Lane Valet button promised to clear the roads by kicking slow drivers into the other lane. If only.

You've seen the above, now check out the latest collaboration between Vetements and Fruit of the Loom.

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