Architect Camillo Botticini has plenty to show for his work. He has achieved finalist placement for the Piranesi Award, was chosen as a candidate for the Milan Triennale and has received countless more accolades. In this moment, however, we’re interested in one property: the Alps Villa in Brescia, Italy.

Built as a private residential home, the structure straddles that dream place between an urbane existence and more rustic pleasures. According to the designer, those within are still close to city noise while simultaneously being treated to views of grazing sheep, mountains and verdant landscapes.

To reflect this joining of the manmade with the natural world, Botticini’s firm “rooted” the home into the northern slope of a hill to create the appearance that the structure was biting into the bluff. On the southern side, architects created an overhang to connect the house to the valley below. Here, expansive windows also work to disintegrate the delineation between built formations and what was created through natural processes. We’d love to spend a night in 2,296-square-foot oasis.

Learn out more about the Alps Villa via Architizer.

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