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When the Land Rover Defender went out of production in 2016, the auto world mourned the loss of an icon. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of coachmaker ARES Design, the Defender is reborn and looking mean. Modena, Italy-based ARES, founded by former Lotus boss Dany Bahar in 2014, is making 53 souped-up special edition Defenders that offer next-level off-road performance and aesthetics.

The updated 4×4’s body is built using premium carbon fiber. It’s no speedster, its 475-horsepower V8 engine offering top speeds of approximately 93mph, but that’s not what you buy an off-roader for. The front and rear bumpers have been upgraded for heavy-duty use, with high-pressure Fox shock absorbers designed for all terrains and conditions. Elsewhere, this beast is equipped with a front winch, new front and rear LED lights, a bespoke exhaust manifold, upgraded brakes, 18-inch alloys, and R18 Cooper tires.

It’s a thing of beauty on the outside, of course, but interiors can also be customized upon request, featuring handcrafted artisan panels in leather, carbon, and aluminum, and a custom-made sports steering wheel thrown in, too. A Hi-Fi system with navigation and Bluetooth is also included.

Prices start at €215,000 (approximately $250,000) and buyers have to provide their own Defender, with conversion work taking up to eight weeks. For more details, visit ARES Design.

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