World renowned artist and architect Ron Arad has designed a magical tea house that is straight out of your favorite fantasy. Alice in Wonderland didn't even have anything like this.

The Armadillo Tea Pavilion is designed to be used either indoors or out, in turn providing its inhabitants with an intimate enclosure, shelter or place of reflection. The structure is comprised of five moulded shells, each of which are are mechanically fixed together with exposed fixings and stiffening brackets. One can choose to expand or retract, depending on the number of guests, by adding or taking away shells.

The canopy is in turn designed to be structurally independent and can be installed as a freestanding element, with the possibility of additional anchoring where desired. And depending on the use, you can choose from various finishes for the shells, ranging from durable PVDF-coated timber composite for outdoor use, to oiled hardwood-veneered plywood for indoor use.

To hear from the man behind the design, press play below and listen to Ron Arad speak on his innovative creation.

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