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Currently in London at The Old Truman Brewery, you will find British artist Arran Gregory‘s new solo exhibition, “HUNT.” The event features twenty handmade sculptures, four canvas paintings and a series of screen prints, with the sculptures being presented to raise awareness for the nearly extinct Amur Leopard, the world’s most endangered big cat. The paintings are meant to appear alongside the aforementioned sculptures, utilizing the same simplicity of structure, albeit via a noticeably more raw process.

A portion of the proceeds from Gregory’s current exhibition will be awarded to the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance.

The art showcase runs now through October 18.

Months ago, Arran worked alongside Max Parsons on the “SPRINT” exhibition in Tokyo.

The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Ln
London E1 6QL

Curated by Teriha Yaegashi 

Not NYC, not LA.