Arthur Kar of L'art de l'automobile has a profound appreciation for car culture which dates back to his teenage years. When he was just 16, he began working on automobiles as a mechanic, while simultaneously falling in love with the NBA and MTV. Kar likens his obsession with Porsche in particular to watching your favorite NBA player play in a specific pair of sneakers, then feeling the urge to go buy those same shoes.

In continuing to build his relationship with Porsche, Kar announces an upcoming L'art de l'automobile collaboration with the German automobile manufacturer. Pulling inspiration from one of his favorite cars, the Porsche Carrera GT — which Kar considers a timeless design — L'art de l'automobile has cooked up a collaborative T-shirt, slated to release soon through the brand's web shop. The tee incorporates the Carrera GT emblem and the iconic Porsche crest.

Courtesy of the video above we get to hear Arthur Kar detailing his obsession with Porsche, all while he tours the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Kar insists that with L'art de l'automobile he is aiming to push the limits of car culture to make it more creative.

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