Stopping by LA-based radio program Real 92.3 ahead of a concert, A$AP Rocky had words of high praise for none other than Soulja Boy. Namely, that "If it wasn't for Soulja Boy, A$AP Rocky probably wouldn't be around."

Rocky was discussing Soulja's indelible contribution to the rise of viral rap stars, and continued to say that "He kinda made a formula. He was the first to do it and it work for him and since then I think that kind of became a basis of a standard way to make it."

In a similar vein, he shouted out Kanye West and Pharrell for trailblazing the relationship between rappers and the fashion world, a position that Flacko wholly embodies.

Rocky's words must come as a welcome admission to Soulja Boy, who has been in the headlines this past month for calling out rappers for not giving him the credit he deserves for their success.

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