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After pleading not guilty to aggravated assault charges, A$AP Rocky is back in court and has given testimony. The rapper, real name Rakim Mayers, has been held in a Swedish jail since July 3.

Rocky’s trail in Stockholm kicked off on Tuesday, July 30, with the rapper and two members of his entourage accused of deliberately attacking the alleged victim Mustafa Jafari. Rocky and the men all claim they acted in self-defense. Find both accounts of what went down below.

A$AP Rocky’s testimony

Rocky reportedly started by setting the scene, stating that his bodyguard asked Jafari to leave repeatedly before seeing his bodyguard lift him and take him down the street. He added that his security guard is not a violent person, but as it is his job to protect Rocky at all costs, he was following protocol.

Rocky then said that Jafari hit the security guard with his headphones. He added that things felt strange and “got a little scary for us.”

Broken glass bottles were found at the scene. Rocky said he and his entourage were trying to remove them from the situation. He added that he picked up a bottle for a minute but then realized that was “stupid” and put it down again.

Describing how he perceived the alleged victim’s mannerisms at the time of the confrontation, Rocky described Jafari as “fearless” and “looked like he was on drugs.”

Below you’ll find one of the videos reportedly shown in court. It apparently captures the moment that the confrontation got physical. In the clip, it appears that Jafari is being warned to step back and refuses, before the other man, who is believed to be Rocky’s bodyguard, chokes and carries him a number of steps. The clip surfaced via Swedish publication Expressen

Alleged victim Mustafa Jafari’s testimony

Jafari also took the stand today. He reportedly said that before the confrontation, he had approached Rocky’s team as he was trying to find a lost friend. Jafari claims that at the time he did not know who Rocky was or that he was famous.

Jafari is asked if he was on drugs or took alcohol

Jafari apparently struggles with English. He was asked by Rocky’s lawyer why he didn’t call his friend and approach a group that speaks another language, stating that doesn’t “feel like sober behavior.”

If Rocky is convicted, he could face a maximum two years in prison. Find the full breakdown of what’s happened so far here.

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