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The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show premieres yet another standout vehicle, this time with the new Audi Aicon — a fully autonomous concept car from the Germany luxury automaker.

With the Audi Aicon, the vehicle showcases the automaker’s vision of a world without steering wheels, pedals or the stress of driving. Boasting an aggressive yet sleek and streamlined profile, the car’s build is aimed at luxury and comfort, with a four-door, 2 by 2 seating design sitting on 26-inch wheels.

The purely electric Aicon also has an ambitious driving range from its big battery, covering nearly 500 miles on a single charge.

To keep you informed, the Aicon uses Audi’s artificial-intelligence assistant PIA to offer up services before the passengers ask for them, based on situations and historical learnings, in addition to eye tracking, support for voice commands and gesture controls.

For the interior, LED lighting sets the mood, and everything from the seats to the air conditioning changes automatically. The whole interior is controlled with haptic and touch-sensitive controls, although Audi suggests the PIA assistant could also handle most functions, as passengers are able to browse the internet, watch a movie to relax, or use the car as a mobile office.

The company also envisions a world filled with sensor-heavy cars avoiding each other and possessing a high level of interaction intelligence so that seat belts will no longer be needed, however, that is still in further development.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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