Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

Audi will unveil IAA 2019 its new concept electric off-roader, the AI:TRAIL Quatro. That "Quattro" represents four electric motors, each of which powers an individual wheel. Its lithium-ion battery is targeting a range of 248 to 311 miles on the road or easy terrain, and 155 miles on much rougher ground. Automated driving can take over fully on roads and assist in off-roading by assessing whether to allow the vehicle to slip, taking over to avoid collisions, and warning the driver when it's about to hit critical limits.

The Mars rover-esque design features massive 33.5-inch tires and a huge windshield that wraps around the front of the vehicle like a helicopter, providing clear views of the front and sides. Nearly the entire roof is covered in glass, providing great views of the sky and landscape.

Perhaps the craziest feature is the drone system, which utilizes five rotorless drones outfitted with LED lights to replace the conventional low beams and high beams. They're operated automatically by the vehicle's AI and can land directly on the roof, where there are charging stations.

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