Late last week, a Reddit user posted what some believe to be a leaked text breakdown of the first Avengers 4 trailer on the platform’s MarvelStudios subreddit. Many users remained skeptical, however, and the post was quickly deleted, although not before a few users were able to take screenshots and copy/paste the text into new posts.

Directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, Avengers 4 recently wrapped, although the film's title has yet to be announced officially. The supposed leak suggests the movie will be titled Avengers: Annihilation.

The Russo brothers are well known for their secrecy, having been accused of including fake fight scenes in the Avengers: Infinity War script to throw off any potential leaks. Some Reddit users believe this "leak" actually came from the Russo brothers themselves to divert attention away from the actual title, which is likely to be revealed soon, given the film is out in May.

Avengers: Annihilation has been a rumored title since before the Reddit post, with fans hoping to see Annihilus feature alongside Thanos in the fight against the Avengers. Fan reactions to the information in the deleted post have been mixed, ranging from calling it “utterly trash fanfiction” to something that “could be legit.”

Check out the reactions in the thread here and then leave your thoughts on the "revelations" in the comments below.

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