Move over Rotten Tomatoes, the best review of Avenger’s: Infinity War comes from Instagram. It’s without question that the latest Marvel blockbuster is set to become the biggest superhero move of all time. With that being said, reviews from critics and fans alike are tearing across the Internet like Thanos looking for those infinity stones, but through all the the galactic frenzy one Instagrammer just James Harden crossed up the rest of the competition.

IG user Casey Lawrence (@leanandcuisine) created several reaction captions for most of the main characters in the film including Gamora, Iron Man, Thanos, Black Panther, Hulk, Star Lord, and more. Even the mysteriously absent Hawkeye catches the hands.


What makes each caption comedy gold, is that it gives off a “you said it, but I was thinking it” style of realness that will have you laughing harder than Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. For example, he writes regarding Black Panther, “After that hook from Thanos Lee I know his ass was like “Wakanda shit is dis, I should’ve just let Killmonger have all dis.”

Some heroes don’t wear capes, and somehow Lawrence jumped over the “I don’t feel so good” memes to make the best post-Infinity War content thus far. Read below.

Let’s hope this is the first of many movie reviews from Lawrence.

Infinity War Spoiler Alert: The OG, this man be working, every movie he got a new suit. That boy Tony Schwarzenegger be ready for the fade. Had a new suit for Peter which flew to his ass damn near in space. Bruh said that suit ain’t finna do it G, I gotchu let me just hit the plug….oh wait….das me. Honestly he had the right idea, bruh said destroy the stone or hide it, which is the first thing anyone would think to do, but strange was on some nutty shit. Niggas was tripping that whole movie, it’s almost like they wanted Thanos to get them stones but peter and tony was like nahhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s dead. This movie proves some women don’t be caring bout shit but what they want. Pepper talking bout some come home right now! ……..Tf home he finna come to if Thanos get them stones? Huh? Tell me that pepper. How long you expect to be married with kids before Thanos come and clap both y’all cheeks. She really was in the crib like let them other niggas get slumped, you get ya ass back home tho…. selfish…. just selfish. She basically frozone wife from incredibles, they the same person. My man had to fight for that greater good. Boy I shed a real nigga tear when Thanos stabbed him. I was like nahhhhhhhhhhhh not my boy tony!!!!! Not him!!!! Take that nigga Hawkeye, kill him wherever he at! But not tony! If they would’ve killed off tony Stan Lee was gon have to see me for that fair one.

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