Axel Arigato launched in 2014 with a disruptive agenda. Ignoring traditional seasonal collections and releasing a new instantly purchasable design every week, the brand rapidly amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers and sold in over 100 countries. Now entering its third year, the digitally native label opens its first store in Soho, London.

Social media’s ability to connect people is phenomenal; however, it’s not without limits, and this sparked Axel Arigato’s move from the digital into the physical world, starting with a sample sale earlier this year. “During our two years we’ve grown to feel that we miss out by not being able to meet those digging our brand face-to-face,” explained CEO Albin Johansson, "not being able to share stories and feelings in person."

Opening the flagship store presents the brand an array of new opportunities to engage with its customers, work on collaborations, host live music, and hold art exhibitions. Perfecting the design concept was key. Using concrete, metal, mirrors and a white color scheme, Creative Director Max Svardh and Swedish architect Christian Halleröd created a space adhering to the brand's clean and minimalist aesthetic.

"We needed a minimalist palette because the products we offer are so diverse and individualized. I wanted to create a space that is inviting and open, the same feeling you get when you walk into a gallery.” - Max Svardh

Located at 19-23 Broadwick Street, the Soho store carries the full range of men’s and women’s shoes, accessories, and clothing as well as a selection of rare Japanese books, magazines and objects. The space will also serve as a curated gallery for carefully selected brands, items, and events. Even the chairs, designed by architect Christian Halleröd, can be purchased and with customers in six weeks.

Axel Arigato’s flagship London store is now open for your viewing pleasure; more information is available via the link below.

Back in April we sat down with Max Svardh to discuss how to run a globally successful underground sneaker label.

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