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The production cycle in any business only allows for so much. From defining a product, designing it, testing and refining it, through to final physical production, to do it fast usually means a huge amount of capital and manpower – the size of which we’re used to seeing with the usual giants like Nike and adidas.

Yet independent Swedish footwear upstarts, Axel Arigato, are managing to keep up with the best of them, and doing it with a consistent sense of style, a level of on-trend awareness and with the type of passion for quality and finish that we’ve come to expect from other Scandinavian labels.

Founded by Albin Johansson (CEO) and Max Svärdh, Axel Arigato have consistently released a new style of shoe or sneaker every week since they began last year in the summer of 2014. Starting from a team of just three, they’re now a solid group of 16, and managing to sell to people in over 96 countries just through the power of the website they built from scratch. Their ethos is solidly built on 21st century principles, with a business model that has responded to the transient nature of the fast-paced digital era we’re living in, while capitalizing on the explosive growth of sneaker culture in the last few years.

“Our shoes are designed to personify the individual,” explains Johansson. “In our eyes, the rest of the outfit is secondary. This is why we offer a wide range of styles from sneakers to slippers and introduce a new product every week.”

As such, and after only 12 months, the independent label saw themselves release their first collection for women in June 2015, incorporating ten styles in total. Its positive reception prompted the brand to design a further 21 new styles, due for release next month alongside their latest clean silhouette for men, the Clean 90. This comes on top of their new accessories line, launched in time for the 2015-2015 winter season.

However, like with all the best experiments, you try different approaches to see what sticks and what fits and, of course, what doesn’t. And this is exactly what Axel Arigato plan on doing. In the coming months, the lines will be reduced and refined through a series of releases that will begin to more strongly define the brand’s signature look. With silhouettes that lie somewhere between the sleek, clean aesthetics of Common Projects to the chunky, statement wear of their Swedish neighbors EYTYS, now’s the time to preview their styles and get an original before they’re gone. Preview their lookbook here or shop their collection below.

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Words by Staff