Another day, another Azealia Banks feud. This time around, Banks has taken to Instagram and Twitter to lash out at Nicki Minaj for working with the controversial rapper 6ix9ine. Minaj recently featured on 6ix9ine's single (and accompanying video) for "Fefe," released shortly after his arrest on charges of assault of a minor.

In a comment since redacted, Banks wrote “Lol the pedophile and the pedo apologist. LINK UP!” on a post on the visual, referring to 6ix9ine's previous conviction of using a 13-year-old in a sexual performance for a music video and the conviction levied at Minaj's brother regarding predatory sexual assault of a child.

Banks continued to discuss the subject on her Instagram story and Twitter, see her full comments below:

“Wow. A new queen of rap is coming very very soon. The new criteria for being queen of rap is: As queen of rap you are responsible for protecting the rights, safety and well beings of young women of color, and as such, thou shall not associate with or lend your voice to known pedophiles as you send the message that it’s okay for 18 year old boys to fondle 13 year old girls and get away with it.”

“Thou shall not ever be that desperate for chart success that you basically slap all of your 8-15 year old fans and their moms in the face for allowing their daughters to listen.”

“Lol, I had no clue this was all going to unravel so quickly. The female rap landscape is changing rapidly. Hiphop is the only genre in modern times that normalizes sexual assault and physical abuse against women. It’s fucking sad”

“No shade …. it’s like this whole YouTube culture taken over music and everyone is going against their better judgment to try and cash in on it… I’m convinced some rappers would collab with David Duke if they felt it would chart. Despicable.”

Neither Minaj nor 6ix9ine have responded to Banks as of press time.

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