Baby Yoda Tote Bag

Yes, we know his name, as of now, is "The Child." But the breakout star of The Mandalorian will forever be Baby Yoda in our hearts, even if he's given a proper moniker. Given that fact-defying emotional connection, we've needed merch to consummate the relationship, and Disney has finally delivered.

The good news is that there's a range of items, including a mug, tote bag, iPhone cases, and a variety of shirts. The bad news is that there's still no plush, which is likely to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts if it's justly delivered in time. Rumor has it they'll be available to pre-order within coming weeks. And while the T-shirts look like a real rush job, the accessories are a better way to show your devotion to Baby Yoda.

Prices for the merch start at $14.95, and you can cop right now on Disney's site. And in a delightful, likely begrudging acknowledgement on Disney's part, searching "Baby Yoda" will still turn up the same results.

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