With a new academic year kicking off in a matter of days, it’s time to stock up on those back-to-school essentials. And while the perfect backpack will be one of your most important pre-term purchases, you mustn’t neglect what goes inside it.

If you’re a sucker for stationery like we are, you’ll have already started your hunt for the perfect notebooks, pens, and desk essentials. Not only will they keep your teacher happy, they’ll low-key be the envy of all your classmates — especially if you’re showing up with a Pickle Rick pencil case on test day.

From first period to lunch breaks — not forgetting those all-important home assignments — we’ve got you covered with all the best stationery and general back-to-school must-haves below. Scroll down to check out our picks.

Desk Flex

Keep it fresh at your desk and jot notes with the best equipment out there. From a Carhartt WIP pencil case and multi-functional graphite pencil, to a smiley heavy Chinatown Market x UO notebook and BAPE sticker set, the below products make learning fun.


Chinatown Market x UO



Overkill Shop


Sticker Set



Ruler Pen

Carhartt WIP


Pencil Roll Case

Carhartt WIP


Pencil Case

Rely Official


Electric Pencil Sharpener



Lunch Break

Lunch time is one of the best opportunities you have to turn heads, especially when you’re bringing a BAPE lunch box to the table. Meanwhile, stay hydrated with a Parra water bottle and let your classmates see you know what’s up at the same time.

Lunch Box