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Bad Gyal / Pablo De Pastors

In case you missed it, we caught up with Bad Gyal, Spain’s reigning queen of reggaeton earlier this year. It was shortly after she dropped her Worldwide Angel mixtape, an explosive 9 track project which includes “Yo Sigo Iual.” Today, we have the esteemed honor of premiering the visuals for the song, whose title translates to “I’m Still the Same” in English.

Filmed in 35mm by director Cyprien Clément-Delmas, the music video was shot in her hometown of Vilassar de Mar, Spain earlier this summer, and is very much an hommage to where she’s from. Bad Gyal, born Alba Farelo, tell us over email that the visual features her friends such as Fake Guido, who’s a producer of the song, as well as some of her siblings hanging out at places where they grew up and used to hang out all the time.

Director Clément-Delmas had this to say about his vision and process for the “Yo Sigo Iual” music video:

“I gave a lot of freedom to her crew because I knew it was the only way to have them natural and authentic on camera. I let them drink and smoke, do whatever they want. I’m just inspired by what they do. I’m sure a lot a people will identify with them because they are just doing what a lot of youngsters do. Just like that, not pretending anything.

I really like the track because it’s her most intimate track in the album. She is explaining how she remains the same despite of the success, the tours and the fans. So, I wanted to portray her in an intimate way. I avoided any artificial scenes. So, I think this is one of the few video of her where you can feel who she really is, without any filter or any mask.”

Check out the video for “Yo Sigo Iual” below.

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