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Appearances (or rather, names) can be deceiving. I was reminded of this tenet when I first happened upon Badgirl$. Seems like a fun group of ladies who like to make mischief in the club, right? Wrong, oh so wrong.

Badgirl$ are a British trio consisting of Bubz, Cooks and Billi, and they are straight out of one of David Lynch’s nightmares. Even in today’s landscape of mult-genre artists, their sound is hard to pin down. Pieces of sound collect – a whiff of autotune here, earnest indie guitars there – but the finished product is something else entirely; a murky, brooding sort of pop-adjacent experimental vortex that is both downtempo and wholly arresting.

But don’t take my word for it. We’ve got the premiere to the group’s new single and video “Click,” which finds them decked out in some truly horrifying rabbit masks having a day out on the town. Take a look below.

“Click” follows their recently-released single “Juice,” which arrived with its own filmic saga of a visual. Revisit it right here.

Music Editor