Bag Raiders has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to setting a mood on the dance floor. For over a decade the Australian duo has carefully crafted a vault of timeless hits that continue to sound fresh from the future. Today, we're premiering an advance of their sophomore album titled Horizons ahead of its official release.

"Making this album has been a journey for us, a long one," the duo explained in an email. "It’s been conceived, written and recorded all over the world, through our travels. 'Horizons' is representative of a journey, a constant journey maybe, because the Horizon is something that you can’t ever really reach, because the closer you get to it, the further away it gets from you. It’s something elusive.”

This year, Bag Raiders celebrate the 10th anniversary of their smash single "Shooting Stars" which went on to go viral in 2013 because of a meme. Spin the entire record now before it drops on September 6.

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