The NBA season is finally here! The Golden State Warriors are still dominating the league, Rajon Rondo created a rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets with one punch, and NBA players are dressing their best on and off the court.

On this episode of Ball Boyz, we react to Kyle Kozuma's partnership with sneaker app GOAT and how he might have the best sneaker lineup in result of it. We also take a look at Kuzma's fellow teammate Lonzo Ball debuting the new Big Baller Brand ZO2.19 sneakers during the Lakers season opener.

Off the court, co-hosts Kyle Hodge and George Ocampo argue the best pregame outfits from the Rockets. Kyle thinks James Harden's Dries jacket takes the cake, while George is all in on Carmelo Anthony's Lanvin drip. Be sure to weigh in on the conversation and let us know you favorite outfits in the comments below.

Speaking of the Rockets, forward PJ Tucker has earned the spot as our "New Era Recap Moment of the Week" as he's been nothing but impressive this year fashion-wise. His on-court kick game is unmatched rocking the Nike LeBron 2 "Beast", the 2008 "Marty McFly" Hyperdunk's, the Air Jordan V x PSG "Family & Friends" edition, and many more. Also, his off-court swag is a strong competitor to fellow teammate and our fashion MVP of the league, James Harden.

Check out the full episode above to see us fit-check more NBA players and share our favorite sneakers worn this week.

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