Ex-professional skateboarder and Jackass legend Bam Margera has given a lengthy interview to Jenkem magazine in which he reveals he is finally back skating again.

Bam, 37, has struggled with both injuries and alcohol issues over the years but he now appears to be on the mend and enjoying life back on a board. He says bone spurs in his feet were the main problem, which didn't hurt to walk or run but did prevent him from landing tricks.

Since getting them fixed, Bam has been avoiding the crowds of fans back in America to skate across Spain, where he isn't so recognizable. Check out a few choice answers from the interview below.

On returning to skating:

Yeah, well, it was like bone spurs in my feet, I had like six of them...four or five years went by where I didn’t skate, and if I did skate it was simply cruising around FDR or at the park at my house, but nothing serious. Then winter came and I was in Estonia editing a movie about this guy Andy Mccoy. He plays in a band Hanoi Rocks with Iggy Pop. It was like October and it was already snowing and dark by 3:00pm.

I was like, I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t get to Barcelona and skate. So I flew to Barcelona, bought my first skateboard in 20 years and met up with Winkle [filmer]. From there, we’ve kind of been taking a road trip all over Spain for about 2 months.

On his ties with Element and future plans:

No, not anymore. I get it though, MTV was first priority and so was Jackass. You know, my five hours of skating a day disappeared...

Now that I’ve been out here skating, Element got in touch with me and said, “If you want to release another model or an old limited edition type thing, or just go on Element tours, you’re more than welcome. We want you back on board.” So, that sounds good to me, but I’m 37 though [laughs] so it pretty much hurts to do anything down more than four stairs.

On receiving comments like, “You look like fucking fatass Phil!”:

Yeah it does get frustrating, and Phil is my dad so I should look like him, but I know what they mean. But sometimes drinking came in because it would help me forget about it. Now I’m just trying to get back in shape and keep skating and do what makes me happy.

On the craziest thing he saw while touring back in the day:

I did one signing where I ate somethin’ with a bunch of tomatoes in it right before. We did the signing and I was sipping on Coronas. I guess I drank too much and I threw up this mix of Corona and tomatoes. Right afterwards this fucking hot chick jumped out of the line and sucked it all up. It wasn’t a Jackass stunt, it was like, I want Bam’s throw up in my body! It was fucking weird. That was the gnarliest thing, and she was cute too and that was more mind boggling. She sucked up my throw up not as a dare, she just did it because she wanted it inside of her.


Now head over to Jenkem to read the interview in full.

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