Chiangmai Life Architects have designed an 8,417-sq.-ft. sports hall completely out of bamboo.

This eco-friendly hall was commissioned by the Panyaden International School, a bilingual institution for kindergartners to 7th graders. PIS is known for being a progressive place that not only focuses on creating the future for a better tomorrow, but also does so in the most humane and sustainable ways possible. This is why they partnered with Chiangmai Life Architects, a firm that specializes in bamboo and earth architecture.

The space is made entirely with prefabricated bamboo and is based off the lotus flower, a very culturally relevant symbol in the Thai and Buddhist community. The sport hall can comfortably hold around 300 students and was designed with elevated balconies for parents and other guests who wish to come and watch the activities. Basketball and futsal (indoor soccer played on a hard surface) are the main sports the hall accommodates, however, the space can and will also be used for volleyball, badminton, and other sports that can be played indoors and conveniently.

Earthquakes, high winds, and other natural situations this region often deals with have all been taken into account, and the designers have made sure their bamboo structure can withstand all of these unfortunate circumstances as they do happen. Also, proper ventilation and insulation have been implemented to ensure the students are cool all year around.

The building should last for about 50 years according to the design team, giving many students the opportunity to enjoy this highly detailed green space for years to come.

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