After returning to New York City after a 5-year hiatus, Banksy already has two pieces of work up on NYC’s walls.

The first, which he unveiled via his official Instagram account, depicts a rat running on the interior circumference of a clock -meant to portray an exercise wheel - and is located above a former bank building on 14th Street and 6th Ave.

The next is a much more politically-charged piece and can be found on the historic Houston Bowery Wall, which was made famous in the 1980’s by artist Keith Haring.

Banksy has adorned the wall with a mural depicting the controversial incarceration of Zehra Doğan, the Turkish Journalist who was jailed for simply painting a watercolor.

After painting a watercolor of the town of Nasyabin, which was reduced to rubble following an attack by the Turkish Government’s armed forces, Doğan shared her picture on social media, for which she was then arrested and sentenced to nearly three years in prison.

The black and white mural resembles the jail and shows the artist, journalist, and activist trapped behind bars.

The tallies represent the number of days she has been incarcerated and, at night, Doğan’s watercolor painting is projected above the mural itself.

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